Early Debt Collection Outsourcing

We lend institutions specialized services to collect on low delinquency accounts and to implement debt collection campaigns through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Recovery of Written-off Portfolios

We design and implement customized business and legal strategies to recover written-off or high delinquency portfolios.

Collections in Latin America and the Caribbean

We offer specialized services in Latin America and the Caribbean through strategic allies each leading their markets and members of the international debt collections network of the Total Credit Management Group (TCM Group) of which we form part. Our debt recovery service in the region is conducted through negotiated or legal processes, as the case warrants.

Legal Collections with Guaranteed Success

We rely on our extensive experience in all phases of legal debt collection, filing of lawsuits and attachments.

Our experience in legal collections is made
available to other institutions, normally under the “non-recovery – no fee” scheme.

Our fees are generated only to the extent of actual debt recovery.

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