Credit Portfolio Acquisition

Our experience in debt purchasing and recovery and portfolio acquisition through public bidding spans two decades.Through these processes, we practice widely our transformative vision:creating second opportunities for clients that at some point failed the financial system.

We were still a young venture, when Templaris won several international public tenders called by the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic to acquire the delinquent debt of the commercial banks Baninter, Bancrédito and Mercantil.

We also accompany clients of prestigious national and international banks, such as Banco BHD-León and Scotiabank, to build new accounts and second opportunities.

Management of Third-Party Portfolio Acquisitions

In addition to managing our own portfolios, we also manage third-party portfolio acquisitions, making available to them our experienced staff, know-how, technology and network of communication and distribution channels.

Strategic Alliances to Purchase and Manage

Strategic alliances have been made with international organizations for the joint acquisition and management of credit portfolios.

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