Who we are?

We are a collections company operating in the Hispanic American market with high professionalism and adhered to the philosophy of humane collections and respect for human dignity.

We are fortunate to operate from the Dominican Republic, a major market with a sound, vigorous and strong financial system that facilitates the attainment of our most important purpose:to assist our clients to rewrite their credit history in a positive light.

Our belief in second chances is why we design payment plans that allow our clients to reinsert themselves in productive dynamics as active credit subjects and economic agents.

Through effective collections work, we reimburse the banks the amounts owed thus driving the growth of the bank market; we support the rehabilitation of a substantial client segment, and promote rebanking, credit democratization and social inclusion.

The services we provide are also extended to mass-billing private companies and public institutions such as telephone companies, electricity distribution agencies and municipalities, among others, as well as specialized markets of the construction industry.

We are the leading debt collection company in the Dominican Republic and the single Dominican company affiliated to the global debt collection network of the Total Credit Management Group (TCM Group).

  Leadership and Human Capital

We rely on a management team of leadership and vision and highly qualified and experienced human capital, full of creativity and implementation capabilities.

Our team is composed of more than 100 persons with the utmost professionalism, fully engaged in the work of purchasing credit portfolios and comprehensive debt-collection services.

We are organized to deliver high-level performance and always work oriented towards achieving our maximum efficiency capacity.




We believe in creating economic value, environmental value and social value. Our company has grown organically for two decades, its profitability driven by our strategic plans and our team’s capacity to create and implement new products.In the last years we have strongly bet on creating social value through financially rehabilitating and educating our clients.We have begun to offset our carbon footprint through energy savings and a decreased use of paper as part of an environmental program that will further consolidate in the upcoming years.


Let’s Talk as Human Beings

We have modern technology that, far from turning us into robots, helps us to provide our clients with services in a closer, personal and individualized manner, taking into consideration their lifestyles, timing preferences, communication channels, dates and payment modalities.

Our debt collection services increasingly
incorporate greater technological facilities that make our collection work more effective and allow us to rely on ever fewer legal and judicial processes to achieve collection goals.

Self-Serving Your Needs

An online attention chat is available to you, providing services during our working hours, from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Instant Messaging Made Available

If you prefer taking control of the conversation, our instant messaging channels such as WhatsApp or Telegram are just for you, through telephone number +1 (809) 222-9331 and +1 (809) 732-3010

Accessibility and Direct Debit Payments

As you wish, Templaris goes where you are or invites you to its offices, in the very heart of Santo Domingo, Friusa Tower, floor 11, located on Avenida 27 de Febrero corner of Avenida Alma Mater, in the downtown area of La Esperilla